Guest Post | Mobility is in the Details

You know mobility is important.  So much information is available about stretching and rolling that it is hard to ignore. It is great that more people are starting to add mobility work to their routines, however it is often rushed and incomplete. The large muscles that are relevant for the workout get all the attention and the supporting cast gets neglected. The large muscles are usually not what limits mobility. The neglected supporting cast is where the greatest mobility gains will be found. We will focus on 2 commonly neglected body areas and show how making them a priority can impact performance. We will also point out other areas that are often ignored.

The forearms are essential to almost every upper body workout. If you have ever done carry exercises or pull-ups in quantity, you probably felt your grip give out before the large muscles of your body. Chronic forearm tightness can have a huge impact on any lift that requires a front rack position. Forearms can also be a point of chronic tension and discomfort for many people that spend their workday at computers. It is important to roll and stretch your forearms. An Extra-Small, or Small, KnotOut® Roller on any sturdy surface can work wonders in releasing the muscles of the forearm, helping recover grip quicker after a hard workout, and reduce the impact of chronic use.  Roll slowly from the elbow to the wrist working through flexion and extension of the wrist anywhere you feel muscular tightness.


Our feet are the foundation of all of our movement. People don’t pay enough attention to their feet until there is a problem, then it is all they can think about. Foot problems can be debilitating. The soft tissue of the foot can have a large impact on movement even when it is healthy. The feet can have a direct impact on the body’s ability to squat and access full hamstring mobility.  The feet also take the brunt of the force of running and jumping which can cause inflammation and increase injury risk. Using a Small KnotOut® Roller to regularly roll out the bottom of the feet can have a tremendous impact on both foot health and your ability to perform intense exercise. Roll starting at the heel and work your way to the arches and finally the balls of the feet.

The entire body is connected. Mobilizing the extremities is just as important as mobilizing the prime movers for your exercises. Plateaus in movement quality are often caused by small muscles being overly tight or underactive.  Focusing on the mobility of the whole body and can have a profound impact on the quality of you workouts as well as your overall health.

Other commonly neglected areas:

  • Teres Minor: Muscle at the top of the Lats. Right behind the armpit. Important for overhead exercises.
  • Psoas: Deep hip flexor. Behind the superficial abdominal muscles. Common reason for tight lower back.
  • Rhomboids: Small muscles between the spine and scapula. Common area for tightness from deskwork.

Lastly, don’t rush your mobility work. It takes about a minute for muscles to start to relax. This is especially true for muscles that are chronically tight. Dedicating time weekly to mobilize outside of workout prep is the best way to learn about your body’s needs.  Your mobility work can be improved and made more effective if you choose the right tools for each muscle. For more information on the KnotOut® line of mobility tools visit

This is a guest post by 

Eugene Oktyabrskiy, Director of Marketing

KnotOut Enterprises

Instagram: @theknotout