Mobility Homework for Your Lower Legs

In a recent workout, I was required to do a ton of double-unders. As a result, I experienced some serious soreness in my calves the next day. To loosen up the muscles, I created a lower-leg focused mobility workout using my MOD card deck. 

The workout I put together only requires ten minutes of mobility work and sufficiently loosened up my calves. Luckily, it also decreased the volume of whining I was doing about my soreness :) 

Toe Up the Wall & Stride Stretch

Starting with the Toe Up the Wall stretch, place the ball of your foot on the wall and keep your heel in contact with the floor. Move your hips toward the wall and maintain a straight knee to deepen the stretch along the back of your leg and your calf muscle. I recommend holding this stretch for one minute each leg, two times through. 

Next, move on to the Stride Stretch. From a stride stance, lift your back heel off of the ground and drive your hips back, bending your front knee and working to touch your heel to the ground. Try to maintain a straight knee in the back leg. Again, I recommend that you hold this stretch for one minute on each leg, and repeat two times through.

Lacrosse Ball Calf Massage

In a seated position, place a lacrosse ball under your right calf muscle. Cross your left leg over your shin to add pressure. Roll the lacrosse ball up and down your muscle. If you find a knot, add extra pressure by lifting your butt off the ground and allow the lacrosse ball to dig into the trouble-spot. Switch legs. I recommend that you spend one to two minutes rolling each leg.