The Mobility on Demand deck includes a handy guide for reading the cards and using them to build customized workouts. You should have a card in your deck that looks like the card below.

Use this as a reference for the components of the cards and to remind yourself of the colors used to label the areas of the body.


Once you understand how to read the cards, you can begin building your workouts. Here are a few different ways we recommend using your mobility cards:


Sometimes the best thing about showing up at your Box is that you don't have to do any thinking, someone else has come up with a WOD for you. Why should mobility be any different?

Take your whole deck and shuffle it… deal yourself five cards and make that your mobility routine for the day. Constantly varied!


You want to mix things up, but you need to make sure you aren't biasing for or against any areas or specific exercises you don't like.

Go through your cards and organize them in an order that puts complementary exercises or areas next to each other. Then each time you pull your cards out, draw off the top, and discard to the bottom. You'll know you're not missing anything.


We all have that area that needs extra work. I definitely do. I've gotta hit the shoulders every time I WOD, or I know I'm going to be in trouble sooner or later.

Use the handy color-coded corner to split your cards into the areas of the body that you know you need to work on. Use either the Shuffle or Sort method with this subset of your cards.


What if you're a coach, and you know one of your athletes is regularly struggling with a particular area? You can have a deck dedicated for member development! Give your athlete the card or card(s) that describe the exercises you want them to work on during the other 23 hours.